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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hiring process & further work

Why do you need Remote Helpers?

It’s a good way to receive additional hands to your business and save time and money. You don’t need to rent an office, make advertisements, hold hundreds of interviews to find a reliable person who can do a good job for your company. Just tell us what open position you have, hold interviews, sign the contract and start the next day.

  • What spheres do your employees cover?
    We perform almost any type of work that is possible to do remotely. In general, we specialize in lead generation, SMM, content management, virtual assistance, customer support, design, and development. If you need specialists in a narrow niche, we can find them for you as well.
  • How do you find the right people?
    We have an experienced HR team who has access to the big database of the CVs and uses different ways to attract potential candidates. All the staff already passed introduction in online work during 1-2 months while working with us. We offer only reliable people, so you may be sure they come to work on time and do their job properly to achieve good results.
  • Am I able to speak with my future employee before hiring them?
    Sure, we’ll arrange a video interview with all the candidates you choose. We can have an online meeting in the most convenient source for you: Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, WhatsApp.
  • Are your employees agree to relocate?
    Working with remote employees, you no longer need to waste money on setting up a workplace for them, as far as it’s already done by us.But, you may come to Ukraine and meet your employees on the neutral territory to hold some training or just communicate with them. We’re always happy to meet guests in our country.
  • May I build a team with you?
    We have an experienced HR team who has access to the big database of the CVs and also uses different ways to attract potential candidates. All the staff already passed introduction in online work during 1-2 months while working with us. So we offer only reliable people and you may be sure they come to work on time and the work will be done properly to achieve good results.
  • What is the minimum length of the contract?
    We sign a one-year service agreement. If you decide to prolong the services we’ll sign the new one. In case of termination of the agreement, both parties should notify each other one business week ahead. We don’t have a minimum commitment, but we hope for long-term cooperation.
  • What working hours do the employees cover?
    They can work in your time zone, or we may discuss personal working schedules with each employee if needed.
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Staff management

How can I communicate with my remote employees during the workday?

You can communicate with employees in a group chat in Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or through email. If you use any task managers like Sack, Trello, HacknPlan, it also works for us.

How can I see the result of the work done?

Employees can send you daily/weekly/monthly reports on your request. You may have calls with them or chat to get to know about updates during the day. Also, we suggest a file-sharing service such as Google Drive.

Billing & Invoicing

How does invoicing work?

Usually, the payment date is after 1 week work starting. The first invoice you receive is for all remaining workdays in the month. After that, on the 1st of each month, you will receive an invoice for 1 month in advance, with adjustments for actual hours worked in the previous month. The due date is the 20th of the current month. As you can appreciate, it is very important to pay all contractors on time.

Ways of making the payment.

You may pay through the wire transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, or Payoneer. Please pay attention to the commission of different sources. In this case, a bank transfer will be more preferable as there are no fees. We take an additional 10% if you pay through PayPal

What currency am I billed in?

It is possible to pay in USD, EUR, UAH or NIS

  • Where to find a personal assistant online?
    The best way to find a virtual assistant is to delegate the responsibilities to our sales representatives so that they select candidates based on your requirements. You can watch the Video CVs on our website and schedule an interview, and it's easy!
  • Are accounting jobs being outsourced?
    Outsourcing accountants perform the same work: accounting, payroll, reporting, tax calculation, and other services related to business accounting. The primary invention: you will not need to pay him like an ordinary state employee with taxes.
  • How to hire a specialist?
    Watch the candidates' CVs > Choose DATE&TIME for the call with our sales manager > Take your results after our cooperation! Don't worry; our team will complete all the necessary documents for cooperation.
  • How much does it cost to hire an accountant for taxes?
    Compared to the other accountant for taxes who charge a minimum of €15 per hour, our maximum cost is €6,25 per hour. An employee works 8 hours a day; a working week contains 5 days; a month has 4 weeks. Therefore, we have the maximum final monthly price: 2,25€ * 8 hours * 5 days * 4 weeks = 1000€. So the final price is 1000€ for providing accounting taxes services by our company.
  • What industry is a virtual assistant in?
    A virtual assistant provides support to business owners and organizations on a remote basis. They are like superheroes for businesses in different industries, such as information technology, digital marketing, accountancy, analytics, recruitment, and many more.